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FAQ about the trip


  • $149 per student includes accommodations, transportation, and meals - except lunch on the way back.

  • Payments can be Cash, Check (payable to Nyack red Storm Band Parent Association) OR Credit Card  (2.75% processing fee added for credit cards)

Is the trip chaperoned?

  • The trip is chaperoned by the marching band staff/teachers and parent chaperones

How do students travel to Syracuse?

  • The 4-hour trip is made via charter buses with teachers and chaperones present.

What about food for students?

  • All student meals are included:

    • Saturday dinner on the bus ride up

    • Breakfast on Sunday & Monday

    • Sunday Lunch at the Dome or Hotel

    • Sunday Dinner catered from Dinosaur BBQ in the hotel

    • LUNCH ON THE RETURN TRIP IS NOT INCLUDED! The bus stops for lunch/snacks at a rest stop on the return trip

Is there any way to accommodate my child's food restriction and/or allergy?

  • You may have already notified Red Storm of your child’s food restriction or allergy through the Enrollment forms - but please notify us again ASAP via email prior to the trip so we can do our best to accommodate your child's needs.

Are parents welcome to join students on the trip?

  • Yes! Of course! Parents are encouraged to join students and teachers.  Please see Hotel Info on the website

What is the cost of the room to join the band overnight?

  • The hotel room is $109 per night, and includes breakfast.  Parents can join the band for optional $6.00/lunch & $20.00/dinner.  See Food online to preorder (or use the attached forms) and join the band for Pizza & Dinosaur BBQ!

  • We have a block of rooms set aside under the name “Nyack Band Parents”, please make your reservations ASAP directly with the hotel.

Can parents ride on the bus to Syracuse?

  • No, parents are responsible for their own transportation to/from Syracuse as well as back and forth to the Carrier Dome.

Where do we meet up to sit together at the Carrier Dome?

  • Look for other Nyack parents at performance time so we can all be together and cheer the band as a group. Seating is General Admission to the Carrier Dome. Students sit opposite the general audience once they are done performing, and you are welcome to come over and sit with the band.

Does it cost anything to get into the competition at the Carrier Dome?

  • Yes, admission is $18 per adult and $12 per child (*2017 prices)

Does my child need any money?

  • All meals, transportation and hotel rooms are included in the $149 payment EXCEPT lunch on the road on the return trip

  • We suggest students bring an optional $30-40 for snacks and/or souvenirs at the Carrier Dome and LUNCH ON THE RETURN TRIP.

How many students are in a room and how are roommates selected?

  • There are four students in a double room sharing two queen beds, and roommates are selected by the students themselves and approved by the Director.

Are boys and girls separated?

  • Yes, they are on two floors of the hotel with teachers and parents scattered in between and throughout the block of rooms.

What should my child bring or not bring on the trip?

  • See the suggested packing list. We encourage your child NOT to bring along any excess electronics besides phones. They are there to be part of a group and their attention should be with the band. The more they bring, the more that can be lost or broken.

Is it an excused absence from school on Monday?

  • Yes - and the Middle and High Schools will be notified of students attending the trip. You do not need to call the school about your child’s absence.

How can I contact my child?

  • Students can use cell phones. In case of emergency, contact the hotel 315-701-5000 who will forward the message