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Pit Crew

At marching band competitions and football games, there is a pit crew comprised of parents who help with the movement of percussion and other instruments, sound equipment, microphones, chairs, props, and other items for Nyack High School Marching Band.  The Pit Crew assists in the loading and unloading the Band Truck before, during, and after all events to which the band travels. 

Things to know before you volunteer:
  • There are rules that must be followed including a time limit at a competition - anyone who is not a student performing in the show must be off the field within a certain amount of time when getting equipment off and on the field.
  • There are a variety of items to be pushed, pulled and carried on and off the field, but volunteers must be physically able to help out.
  • Please be aware that there is limited room on the buses and pit crew parent volunteers must provide their own transportation to and from competitions. Parents often carpool, especially for the longer drives.
  • Because the time is limited and the band counts on a smooth entrance and exit, if at all possible, we would like our volunteers to be available for all four competitions including Syracuse (see calendar for more information and time)
  • Attire: Pit crew members should wear Nyack Marching Band T-shirts or Pit Crew T-shirt for all events. This will be provided by Red Storm Front.
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2017 Pit Crew Volunteers