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Feed the Band

When the band has an evening game, food needs to be provided between practice and leaving for the game by parent volunteers.  
Food generally needs to be delivered to Nyack High School by 4:45 PM, warm and ready to serve. 
The band generally breaks for dinner between 5:15 - 5:45 pm and departs for the field by 6:15 pm.

Please plan on staying to help serve the band and clean up afterward.  

Volunteer to help - email will be sent to families before each game with a link from Signup.com

Typical choices to help out are below but families have also made chili, pulled pork or any other favorites for a crowd.
  • Plates, napkins, utensils for 50 (2 families)
  • Up to 4 pizzas delivered to NHS (2 families)
  • Up to 2 trays of pasta (2 families)
  • Large tray of chicken nuggets (1-2 families)
  • Up to 6 cases of water - at least 72 bottles (2 families)
  • Tray of salad (1 family)
  • Your choice!